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  • Reduces costs

  • Minimizes the risk of injury to the user

  • Minimizes the risk of injury for staff

  • Increases integrity

  • Increases well-being

  • For home use


The compact, automated shower and spa solution for home use, adapted for the disabled and elderly.

Freja is the world’s only hygiene assistant for home use.
A groundbreaking innovation that helps disabled and frail elderly people to take care of their personal hygiene on their own. Freja is developed by the same team of experts that created Poseidon, the first hygiene assistant in the world, which today is used in both healthcare and care of the elderly.


For people with disabilities, personal and intimate hygiene can be a major concern. In addition, being forced to get help from others can contribute to insecurity and be perceived as an invasion of privacy.


Freja is an automated hygiene assistant that is created for one thing: To give disabled and frail elderly people new opportunities to take care of their personal hygiene on their own where they feel safest – at home.


Freja is a further development of the hygiene assistant Poseidon, which has attracted a lot of attention internationally and is well tested in professional care environments. Together, Freja and Poseidon form a unique concept for automated shower and spa solutions that improve the quality of life for those most in need. Of course, Freja can be connected digitally for remote monitoring.