Senior Woman
  • Works completely without wearables

  • No buttons

  • Fully automatic

  • No camera

  • Contactless

  • Privacy safe

  • Detects body position and fall

  • Keeps track of vital parameters

  • Easy installation


"AI will Change the World – And Raytelligence EaZense will be a part of it."

An aging population in the world is creating new challenges for welfare. Fewer resources will provide care for more and more needy people.


Lifestyle-related diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular disease are increasing as we get older – a situation that requires new innovations.


EaZense offers a non-intrusive, autonomous monitoring system for the elderly based on new unique radar sensor technology with AI.


EaZense also enables monitoring of presence and vital signs, such as breathing patterns and breathing frequency. Parameters that are important to measure for example on Covid19 patients.


For caregivers, this means, for example, that nightly monitoring in a nursing home can be performed more efficiently because resources are directed to patients who need help and the patient can feel safe at night and is not unnecessarily disturbed.

EaZense Radarsensor-1.jpg